A history of values

TOUS’s values—passion, creativity, commitment, teamwork and global presence—have been the cornerstone of the brand's growth and success and are currently shared by a team of 4,000-plus professionals across the planet who work to make TOUS one of the most admired and well-loved brands in the world. TOUS has represented these values through the company’s most distinguishing icons, crafted in silver.

A history of commitment.

TOUS began to weave a history marked by passion, family, courage and honesty a century ago, a history shaped by two concepts: growth and product. It all started in 1953 when a young Salvador started working at the shop his parents, Salvador and Teresa, owned in Manresa. Rosa joined the family business in 1965 and her four daughters joined the company in the 1990s: Alba Tous as Sales Director, Rosa Tous as Image and Communication Director, Laura Tous as Financial Director, and Marta Tous as Design and Production Director.

Gradually, like a tree, the new additions grew the company in concentric rings around the founders. The brand's accelerated growth would not have been possible without a solid commitment from TOUS at every level: TOUS was synonymous with logistical agility in terms of stock, which was stored and then paid for when the product was sold, a clear example of the symbiosis of the company's values: “reverse logistics”. The company multiplied these rings when Gaig-TOUS S.L. was established in 1995.

By late 2000, during the global economic crisis, TOUS decided to strengthen its position in Spain through a buyback program at some of its stores where the company had begun to operate through local partners, consolidating its growth in a strategic market by directly managing the brand. Likewise, and in line with the company’s growth beyond its headquarters in Manresa, TOUS invested in new 3,700 m² facilities in Sabadell, where pieces are crafted by combining age-old fine jewelry techniques and cutting-edge technology. This facility produces 30% of all TOUS products.

Management has always known that each cog in the TOUS wheel is essential for building a collective project that has now been around for a hundred years. Which is why it is firmly committed to incorporating the ideas from everyone who works with TOUS, contributions geared towards preserving this centuries-old trade: fine jewelry.

TOUS store details. 2013. Joyería TOUS, S.A. fonds

This commitment to the craft inspired the opening of the TOUS Jewelry & Artisans School in 2018, the first jewelry-related social and educational project the brand promotes. The initiative came about because the company wished to play a role in keeping an age-old trade alive and to promote craft through vocational training for young students from jewelry schools around the world.

TOUS’s commitment goes beyond the preservation of the jewelry trade to include its sustainable development. Thus, the company works to minimize its footprint by investing in environmentally friendly resources for its buildings, production processes and final product.

This commitment to sustainability is evidenced by TOUS becoming a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), in July 2020; the RJC is the standard-setting organization on ethical business practices and a responsible supply chain in the jewelry and watch industry worldwide, having successfully passed an audit process that recognized TOUS' cross-cutting commitment to sustainability.