A history of values

TOUS’s values—passion, creativity, commitment, teamwork and global presence—have been the cornerstone of the brand's growth and success and are currently shared by a team of 4,000-plus professionals across the planet who work to make TOUS one of the most admired and well-loved brands in the world. TOUS has represented these values through the company’s most distinguishing icons, crafted in silver.

A history of creativity

Creativity has been one of the core values over the history of this century-old brand. Rosa Oriol set up a small fine jewelry workshop in the back room of her store in Manresa and began to customize jewelry in 1970. Rosa transformed her customers’ jewelry into modern, trendy pieces that reflected the tastes and needs of a new generation. In the 1980s, Rosa unleashed her creativity’s full potential and began to design her own jewelry, offering something different than traditional pieces and creating a new language in the world of jewelry through a progressive vision that gave women a new role through a design aesthetic adapted to a more modern, empowered lifestyle.

This marked a new stage for TOUS, and after taking over the family business, in 1985 Salvador and Rosa created Joyería TOUS, S.A., a fine jewelry company with five million pesetas (€30,000) of capital stock. Rosa was walking through the streets of Milan (Italy) this same year when a teddy bear in a store window caught her eye. She brought the bear back to Manresa and told Salvador and their jewelers: “Why not do it in gold?” A challenge that transformed into the company’s iconic symbol, one that reflects the TOUS values. At the time, the bears were made by hand, cut from gold plate; a traditional technique that goes hand in hand with the industry’s technological revolution over the years.

Beyond the product, materials and techniques, TOUS has always believed that diversity is synonymous with creativity, innovation and disruption, and, therefore, it has endeavored daily to build a space in which workers have a say and can express their opinions, whatever their gender or nationality.

The Bear manufacturing method in 1985. TOUS Jewelry S.A. background
Carles Duart, TOUS jeweler. 2017. Joyería TOUS, S.A. fonds

TOUS has become a world leader in the fine jewelry industry by creating a new language in jewelry based on crafting unique pieces that adapt to customers’ tastes, needs and special moments. A creativity that transformed the industry, that grew the company on an international scale and that is still inherent in TOUS today, as the company's business model is based on combining artisan tradition with cutting-edge technological advances.