A history of values

TOUS’s values—passion, creativity, commitment, teamwork and global presence—have been the cornerstone of the brand's growth and success and are currently shared by a team of 4,000-plus professionals across the planet who work to make TOUS one of the most admired and well-loved brands in the world. TOUS has represented these values through the company’s most distinguishing icons, crafted in silver.

A history of teamwork.

Countless examples accumulated over the years are proof that TOUS is the result of a history marked by teamwork.

A young Salvador Tous Blavi (Montblanc, June 2, 1908) became a watchmaker’s apprentice in 1920. His family moved from Montblanc to Manresa a decade later, and it was there that they set up their watchmaking business.

Salvador Tous Blavi married Teresa Ponsa Mas on June 15, 1935, and together grew not only their family business of selling and repairing watches at a shop located on Carrer del Born 6 in Manresa, but their family as well: Salvador Tous Ponsa was born on January 19, 1941. The business's steady growth led to the need for larger premises, and on April 28, 1960, Salvador Tous Blavi received municipal authorization to move his shop to number 8 on the same street in Manresa.

Just a few steps away from the family business, right across the street at Calle del Born 9, was Calzados Torra, the shoe store owned by the parents of Rosa Oriol Porta (October 19, 1947), who would join forces with Salvador to form the perfect team that would one day take the small family business global. Salvador Tous Ponsa and Rosa Oriol Porta were married on September 21, 1965, combining Salvador's skill in his trade with Rosa's innate creativity. Salvador Tous Ponsa thus became the founder of TOUS Jewelry as we know it today: he stopped selling products from other companies to create his own brand.

Since then, TOUS has grown and transformed over the years, adapting its business and corporate culture to modern demands.

registro tienda TOUS Manresa
Authorization to move the Store from C/ del Borne 6 to No. 8 AMMAN, Content from the Manresa City Hall, establishment constitution authorizations, file 67/1960.
Rosa Oriol niña
Rosa Oriol Porta. 1950. Joyería TOUS, S.A. fonds
boda família tous
Oriol Porta and Salvador Tous Ponsa. 1965. Joyería TOUS, S.A. fonds

Likewise, TOUS has chosen to build a team with a large female presence: today 89.3% of TOUS’s staff are women. Moreover, 40% of the TOUS’ Board of Directors are women, while women make up 48% of the company’s Executive Committee and Management Committee.