TOUS started to forge a century of history marked by passion, the family, courage and honesty. The company has been acutely aware of how to adapt its business to modern times, fashions and techniques over the course of its century of history without ever compromising on its craft, tradition and essence. Three generations in the trade (the company is now on the verge of welcoming in the fourth) coupled with resolve and business acumen speak for themselves in the jewelry brand’s path to success.

Rosa Tous

Rosa Tous

Welcome to TOUS Heritage, a space that has posed an authentic challenge: preserve our company’s legacy as the maximum expression of our DNA, and evolve it to build a unique and distinctive business identity.

The roots of TOUS's success date back to the 1920s and are found in the entrepreneurial spirit of a young watchmaker apprentice named Salvador Tous Blavi, my grandfather. In the same spirit, his son, Salvador Tous Ponsa, together with his wife, Rosa Oriol, took up the baton that led to the TOUS we all know today.

TOUS Heritage is an innovative showcase of TOUS’s long, intense journey from its roots until today. This is an interactive space that offers visitors two tours to learn about the history and intangible cultural heritage of TOUS: the classic tour, where visitors can explore the brand's story through the timeline in the “Timeline” section, while the more innovative and creative tour option makes it possible to discover the TOUS universe through its corporate values in the “History in values” section.

Visitors can not only see a display of the company’s products throughout its century of history (“Museum” section), but can also enter the back room (“Archive” section) and access the company’s historical collection.

Our history is a distinguishing feature that enables us to strike a balance between the rigor and excellence of the jewelry trade to which we belong, along with the innovative character that we have made our hallmark. We invite you to visit the TOUS Heritage website to learn about our heritage as told through TOUS’s corporate values.

We hope you enjoy the journey.

Tous cronologia

The commitment and efforts of four generations of jewelers have made TOUS what it is today: the leading fine jewelry and accessories brand in the affordable luxury segment. The story began to unfold in 1920 with a young watchmaker’s apprentice, grandfather of the current generation of company management, and the company began to grow through the determination and vision of Salvador Tous and Rosa Oriol, growth that continued when their four daughters—Rosa, Alba, Laura and Marta Tous— joined the family business. Today, the brand has over 700 stores in more than 50 countries.