A history of values

TOUS’s values—passion, creativity, commitment, teamwork and global presence—have been the cornerstone of the brand's growth and success and are currently shared by a team of 4,000-plus professionals across the planet who work to make TOUS one of the most admired and well-loved brands in the world. TOUS has represented these values through the company’s most distinguishing icons, crafted in silver.

A history of global presence.

Salvador Tous's business vision and Rosa Oriol's creative talents were the main ingredients behind the company's now global presence. Bringing a smile to his coworkers’ faces, jeweler Carles Duart remembers that in the early 1970s Salvador Tous was already insisting that if he wanted to stay in business he couldn't stay in Manresa but had to grow TOUS across the world; that was his dream.

It took twenty years for that dream to come true. The brand launched its internationalization process when the four daughters of Salvador Tous and Rosa Oriol—Rosa, Alba, Laura and Marta—joined the family business, expanding first in Europe (Germany and Andorra) in 1994, followed by Japan and the United States in 1996. TOUS grew exponentially after the turn of the new century, expanding into: Mexico (2001), Arab Emirates (2003), France (2005), China (2006), Africa (2007), Central America (2010), South America (2012), Italy (2016) and Oceania (2017).

TOUS's global presence has permeated the entire business. TOUS made Europe’s 500, a list of the top 500 growth companies and job creators in Europe, for the first time in 2006. TOUS incorporated the diversity needed to face new global challenges into its business processes and internal resource organization. In 2009, TOUS created its Legal Department, a team of multifaceted professionals and experts in developing fields.

Carles Duart, TOUS jeweler. 2017. Joyería TOUS, S.A. fonds

Global presence implied openness to diversity and the search for synergies and evolution, not only through the company's own experience but also through that of external partners. As a case in point, Partners Group bought a 25% stake in the company in 2015 and were given two seats on the TOUS board of directors. Later, in 2016, a buyback was launched to strengthen the company's presence in Mexico and Colombia, two strategic markets, through direct management of the brand together with the Sterling Group, a new partner for operations in Colombia.